July 17th 2020 Update


We continue to make progress on shipping and our shipping team has completely caught up to our inventory so now we're waiting on more bags which are arriving daily as well as cold brewing which is going at full speed.
Thank you again to everyone who has ordered and is still waiting on delivery. We are working as fast as we can to get your order to you.



Our shipment level is now over 9,000. Yesterday our shipping team ran out of finished coffee bags to ship while at the same time our first daily delivery of coffee bags showed up from our printer. Our production team is now in a race to stay caught up with our fulfillment team!
Now that the logistics items are out of the way, we will be filling orders at a more consistent pace.
We added some additional help this week from a Nebraska-based warehouse that helped ship non-coffee items such as charcoal mugs and shirts. They've shipped all the orders like that they can.


International Shipments:

A software setup mistake with our international shipping vendor caused the first batch of shipments we sent out to not register in their tracking portal so customers can't see status updates on their order. They've corrected that going forward but unfortunately the first batch will not have live updated tracking. Sorry about that!



Some of you are asking questions like "Why is order number 7,000 shipped but my order number 1,000 hasn't yet." We wanted to repost a section of our first blog post to help clarify this:
  • "We ship in batches based on what is in the package meaning we will not be shipping by order number.
    • Note: This greatly speeds up the process since it's much faster to do "100 orders with one bag and one mug" for example as a batch than it is to do orders one at a time.
    • Batches that contain orders from the first 72 hours of preorder will be prioritized over batches containing only orders after that period.
    • A batch of orders does not necessarily contain all the orders of that combination of items."

It may be worth adding that there were 15,000 orders placed in the first 72 hours, most of which were on the first day so all these orders we're working through are still day 1-3 orders which is what we're prioritizing when making batches to ship.


Small Daily Inventory:

Some of you cool cats and kittens have realized that a few items come available on the site each day. This is because some people who no longer wish to wait for their order request a refund and that makes the item available on the site again. We tend to get through our support emails each morning (US timezone) so any inventory showing up will be happening during that time. 



  • Marko briant

    Yo, can’t wait to inject this shit into my bloodstream. Jk, don’t do that.

  • Katie

    We were super excited when this brand began getting teased and then were eager to order as soon as it got dropped. We placed our small order (consisting of beans and a mug) literally the first day and haven’t heard a word since receiving the order confirmation. While these website updates are nice, EMAIL YOUR CUSTOMERS DIRECTLY. At this point we just want to know exactly when our order will arrive. It’s been well over a month with no word, just excuses. Hope all of this gets sorted out soon and something like this doesn’t happen again. Very frustrating.

  • Toukie

    Thank you guys for your hard work, not to mention the speed in which you answer questions through emails. While I can’t wait to get my order, I can’t thank you enough for the AMAZING customer service I have received since I placed my order on the first day.
    Keep up the amazing work and stay safe

  • Finn

    Thanks for the update on the BEANS can’t wait to have that shit flowing through my veins.

  • Ann-Marie Mezo

    Thanks for always keeping us updated on how everything is going! And thank you to all of the workers who are currently dealing with the insane amount of orders during this pandemic. I’m sure you all were blown away by the immense amount of support and orders so as someone who knows just how much of a shock this would be to any start-up company I’m willing to wait for however long it takes for my order. So excited for the beans! 🥰

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