High Noon Medium Roast

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FIRST EVER LIMITED EDITION BLEND! Beans chosen by Seán McLoughlin, they're deliciously sweet and savory with notes of citrus, praline and cocoa flavors. A brand new journey for your taste buds, you'll want to be sure to order before we run out! Limited quantity only! 

Current beans:

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Specialty Grade
  • Organic and Fair Trade Certified

12 oz. (340g)

Customer Reviews

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The Real Good Stuff

Words cannot truly describe how flavorful and tasty this coffee is!

It’s…*Insert Overwatch joke here*

Absolutely delicious! This blend takes everything I like from both Morning Glory and Golden Hour and strikes a perfect middle ground. Super aromatic, delightfully sweet and citrusy on the nose when opening the bag but flavorful and robust with hints of chocolate, definitely nuttiness with an extra hint of hazelnut. I legitimately didn’t want to stop smelling the bag, it was the same way when I opened my first ever bag of Midnight Oil.

1000% worth it, get it while you can!

Will Stenzel
Exellent blend.

This is fantastic coffee. I am very choosy with blends, but this checks all the boxes. It's fruity and chocolaty, and just feels nice to drink. I reccomend it. Great Joe!