Hot Chocolate Mix

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The hotter, sweeter younger brother to coffee.

A rich, double chocolate or peppermint chocolate experience perfect on its own as a hot chocolate or mixed with its big brother, TOTM Coffee, to make a mocha! The Hot Chocolate is a perfect way to add some sweetness to your day.

9 oz (255 g) container

CONTAINS MILK - Processed in a facility that handles nuts

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Alexis Demas
Best Hot Chocolate Ever

I got the double chocolate one and absolutely loved it. I ended up having a cup of it almost every night. In that time I experimented with ways of prepping it and changing up the toppings, and now I've figured out my ideal cup of coco. 👌

Best serotonin boost

This hot chocolate is absolutely amazing! Such a rich flavor, extremely satisfying after a long week at work


Honestly its amazing but I'm quite sure that the last of it that Ihahve is gone off it's been sealed and the expiration date is smudged off but amazing hot chocolate <3

Dani Gainer
Soooo Good!

With so many hot chocolate brands adding coconut oil to their ingredient list the last few years, I was losing hope that I'd ever find one without, let alone one that actually tasted good.

Not only is this coconut free, but it tastes better than any other hot chocolate I've ever had!

Mary-Morganne Smith
Top Of The Line Hot Chocolate

I got both Double Chocolate and Peppermint Chocolate, and both are amazing. Peppermint Chocolate really goes well with whipped cream and peppermint flakes on top if you're looking to make a really memorable cup of cocoa. Double Chocolate is perfect for when I'm ready to wind down and have something sweet. Really good and definitely worth trying each!