The Journey Continues

A magical world with a small Top of the Mornin coffee hut.

Fanart by @aart_wolf

After a magical preorder journey and because of the amazing support from so many in the JackSepticEye community, Top of the Mornin Coffee shipped 100%* of preorders after 10 weeks of supply chain challenges and push to safely increase production in real time in the middle of a pandemic.

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make our high quality, small batch roasted, specialty grade coffee. We're proud of our small team and are excited to be bringing our coffee to so many people all over the world.

We also heard so many different voices and opinions during the preorder period who we've been able to learn from. We're excited to keep showing you more about the world of high quality coffee while continuing our promise of an ethical supply chain and better coffee. We'll continue to share more about what that means to us over time. We also got some great other tips and pieces of advice we've either used or are going to use, it's truly been a community effort. If we didn't meet your expectations during the preorder, we learned from that too and heard you.

And now it's time to say goodbye to our patch notes blog. It was really special sharing the journey of what it took to build TotM with you all as we worked to meet the challenge. We're now in full preparation to launch TotM and will soon announce more about how we're going to be bringing you fresh coffee on the reg.

In the mean time, here are some key changes we've had to make in the short term:

  • We're now roasting more coffee than ever before. We've increased our daily/weekly targets for bags by 5x. As the *super fresh* coffee is finished, we make it available on the site for sale. This ensures that when something is made available on the site, you know it's just been made and is ready to ship within a few days. If the coffee is sold out on the site, it's only temporary until more is made and ready to go!
  • We've paused international shipments of Cold Brew - We've found that COVID-19 related logistics issues have greatly increased shipping times (sometimes over 2 weeks when it should be 3-5 days). Cold Brew tends to get held longer in customs and ships slower. We felt this has been a bad customer experience and have decided just to hold off for now until logistics returns to normal.
  • Speaking of international shipping, we receive weekly status updates from a number of carriers and the entire system has delays in it. From customs departments to not enough air cargo space, shipping customer packages is taking a long time. Please be patient and know that we're monitoring it as close as we can but there isn't much we can do in the near term. We also have to ship in batches so if you are outside the US, it could take 1-2 weeks before your package is shipped.

Thank you for being here with us and being the reason why this has been a special journey so far. A special shout out to all the artists who have been creating fan-art.

So for now, stay tuned. In the words of some of the greatest minds ever, Top of the Mornin Coffee will be here *soon*.

-TotM Gang


*Just in case you haven't gotten your order and haven't heard from us, please contact support.