Hot Chocolate Mix

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The hotter, sweeter younger brother to coffee.

A rich, double chocolate or peppermint chocolate experience perfect on its own as a hot chocolate or mixed with its big brother, TOTM Coffee, to make a mocha! The Hot Chocolate is a perfect way to add some sweetness to your day.

9 oz (255 g) container

CONTAINS MILK - Processed in a facility that handles nuts

Customer Reviews

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Lynn Penny
Absolutely Loved it

I don't like coffee so I was stoked when the hot chocolate came out. The double chocolate is my favorite, I do end up adding more that suggested but I've always measured with my heart. This stuff is perfect for my job, just put some powder in a coffee cup and add hot water and boom! The work day is so much better. Will be ordering again and again.

Emily Colin
So yummy!

Bought the double chocolate and it is amazing! We've tried many mixes and they are always way to sweet, this is the perfect balance of rich chocolate with not too much sweetness. Mixed in well with boiling water and a bit of milk. Only thing is that there seems to be so much wasted space in the can, I get that it's measured by weight but it's a bit jarring if you're not expecting it.
Either way we will be ordering again.

Best Hot Chocolate Ever

I have always preferred hot cocoa over coffee so I was excited to learn that a hot chocolate was coming out. Got it as soon as it was on sale. I tried it, and it was everything I thought it would be. It's so creamy and chocolatey, perfect for a cold, chilly day. 10/10

Hot Chocolate Review

I bought both the peppermint and double chocolate. The taste for both is smooth and creamy. The peppermint is strong enough to taste but not too overwhelming. The double chocolate is rich and the consistency is excellent. It's really satisfying with either warmed milk or warmed water. One thing I think is important to mention is that some people might not expect the can to only be filled half way when opened. But this is probably due to the cans being filled by weight and not volume. Doesn't affect the product quality at all. It just might be surprising to some people.

Maureen Postma
I wish I could rate this better

I've never been a great fan of hot chocolate mixes as I like my hot chocolate to be VERY chocolatey and not too sweet. I tried the double chocolate one thinking it may actually live up to it's name.... but it didn't. By itself it's very flavorless and I ended up having to add way more mix than specified to even taste it.

One thing this mix IS good for however is adding it in TOTM coffee. The flavors really compliment each other well!