Hot Chocolate Mix

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The hotter, sweeter younger brother to coffee.

A rich, double chocolate or peppermint chocolate experience perfect on its own as a hot chocolate or mixed with its big brother, TOTM Coffee, to make a mocha! The Hot Chocolate is a perfect way to add some sweetness to your day.

9 oz (255 g) container

CONTAINS MILK - Processed in a facility that handles nuts

Customer Reviews

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ryan wright
this hot chocolate is good

I do not know what to say but it is high quality hot chocolate and there are a lot of servings of coco powder

Perfect Match

I use this with the MIDNIGHT OIL DARK ROAST only and it makes the perfect cup.

Kody Perrett

I love hot chocolate, but I didn't want to try the double chocolate in case it was a bit too much chocolate for me. So I got the Peppermint one. As soon as I opened the tin, the peppermint smell almost filled the room. I thought 'oh no, this smells way too strong'. But then I sat down with a nice warm mug of it and it was a pleasant hint of mint rather than the initial smell of eating an entire tube of polo mints in one mouthful. I would recommend having some sort of mint candy (like candy canes) to dissolve in it if it's not minty enough for you. I absolutely look forward to purchasing more when my budget can allow.

Great All Around

The container is really cool and the hot chocolate tastes amazing, I can't wait for what comes next.

Brandon johns

It an amazing hot chocolate