Patch Notes

To start... wow. Thank you. In our estimating of how this launch would go, we had no idea how big this would be. Your excitement, support, enthusiasm, fan art, and positivity has made this launch a really bright spot for the year. I'm excited about our plans for Top of the Mornin and we have more to come than we've shown so far. But first, we need to get through making and shipping more coffee than we thought we would.

This page is meant to give everyone as much visibility into where we're at on the preorders, when we'll be fully caught up, when more of our out of stock items will be available, and other things we're working on (like international shipping rates!).

But first, a word on the global supply chain and COVID-19. Top of the Mornin was delayed once already due to supply chain issues resulting from COVID-19. The shut down of factories in China for months (and an ensuing frenzy for North American-made replacements) and an increase in demand for containers for things like hand sanitizer and soap has lead to a massive backlog of items we need to make things like our cold brew bottle. For context, we ordered our custom cold brew bottle in January and because of COVID it was delayed several times and we didn't recieve it until April 27th. Now if we were to order the same bottle again, we would not receive it until mid January, a 6 month lead time. Additionally, our mugs which we order from a printer, is now sold out at our printer and they cannot even provide a timeline for when they'll have more. But don't worry, we're working on solutions to all of this and we're not complaining. We just wanted to share our journey with you so you know how many extra challenges we're facing to bring products back to the store as quickly as possible and why there may be some delays.

Finally, you all absolutely blew away even the best estimates we could come up with for our launch sales. We're confident this is the biggest coffee launch of any creator coffee company ever. We thought we had 3 months worth of Cold Brew bottles, turns out we only had 3 hours worth. Thank you again.

Without further ado, here is where you can find a feed of our regular updates.

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