I literally spent 3 minutes smelling the bag and I’m not ashamed to admit that, John S

Best dirty beans you could ever get confirmed, Lift_Razor

Delicious coffee. You have officially made me a coffee drinker

I literally spent 3 minutes smelling the bag and I’m not ashamed to admit that, John S

Best dirty beans you could ever get confirmed, Lift_Razor

Delicious coffee. You have officially made me a coffee drinker

Coping skills with sonny & CO

Welcome to the sunniest corner of the internet!

Our mission at Top Of The Mornin' Coffee is to sprinkle a little extra sunshine into your daily cup.

But what happens when you wake up and the mornin’ already got the best of you? You know, that ....bleeeeurrrghh…. feeling.

You know you gotta get up and do stuff, but you simply do not want to.

You don’t know exactly why but everything feels like it’s too much.

So, you pick up your phone and distract yourself from these feelings of ick by scrolling. It works - for a little while. And then you feel even worse!

Picking up your phone to scroll can be a coping mechanism for uncomfortable feelings of worry and sadness.

Thing is, this habit is addictive … and can even worsen risks of developing more serious anxiety and depression!

Mental health is something everyone has. And it’s something everyone struggles with - even Sonny!

This Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to help anyone struggling feel less alone, and more prepared to take on those gloomy days with some helpful, healthy coping skills.

Grab a cup of your favorite TOTM brew and join us on a whimsical exploration of Sonny’s Cloudy Day Coping Skills - aka tips to help your sunbeams shine.

Play your
Pump Up Jams!

Play your
Pump Up Jams!

When you’re feeling bleeeeurrrghh you can feel like you’re stuck in a negative thought pattern.

You can’t help but cycle through all the icky feelings, repeating them in your head.

Yes, we should feel the feelings and allow ourselves to process the emotions…

But we don’t need to sink in them forever!

One way to help you get through those feelings of ick is to interrupt the pattern by playing some energizing music!

When Sonny wakes up to a dark grey sky, he likes to put on his headphones and listen to his favorite pump-up track… Here Comes The Sun (doo doo dooo doooo!)

He might get up, dance around, sing along… even if he doesn’t feel like it at first.

But something about his favorite song interrupting his negative thoughts helps him get out of a funk.

See, music is a universal language. Its ability to uplift is basically magic.

When we listen to music we love, our brains release dopamine - neurotransmitters that create a sense of joy!

Certain songs can transport us back in time. Nostalgic tunes we loved when we were younger can help us connect to a happier state of being.

Focusing on music can help distract ourselves from negative thoughts, providing a healthy escape from the challenges we currently face.

Create a playlist of songs that feel like sunshine so next time your skies feel gray, you can turn up the volume, shut the blinds, and dance around like no one is watching.

Practice meditation!

Practice meditation!

Ah, meditation! It's like an oasis.

For our brains. A pause button from the chaos of everyday life.

Meditation has a remarkable ability to reduce stress, cultivate inner peace, and enhance mental clarity.

If you're new to this blissful practice, fear not, cuz Sonny’s got your back!

First things first. Despite what you may have heard, meditation is not about silencing your thoughts. Our brains are meant to think! So don’t expect to shut it off.

Meditation is all about being aware of what we are thinking, watching as our thoughts land, and then letting them go instead of ruminating on them!

With time, these thoughts may come slower… but for now, just focus on the practice!

Set up a little zen spot. Something comfy to sit on, maybe some candles, calming music, or the gentle sounds of nature.

Then take a seat, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. In through your nose, into your belly, and out through your mouth. Catch your thoughts as they come, and then let them go.

You can also try a guided meditation on YouTube or on an app!

If sitting still for even 2 minutes sounds like torture for you, we get it.

Meditation does not have to be in total stillness and quiet. You can practice the same calm awareness while doing things in your regular routine… like having a cup of coffee!

Make your morning cup a ritual - being present every step of the way. When the coffee is ready, savor it - relishing every sip, noticing the aroma, and letting the warmth reach your core. As you indulge in this delightful experience, let go of any worries and be fully present in the moment.

Connect with your friends!

Connect with your friends!

We all have those moments when the weight of the world feels heavy on our shoulders. It’s tempting to hide in our room when this happens… but Sonny says these moments are exactly when reaching out to a friend can work wonders!

Share your thoughts, fears, or simply let them know you're having a tough day. You'll be amazed at the healing power of a caring conversation.

Better yet, why not embark on some fun-filled adventures together?

Go for a walk somewhere in nature. This way you can reconnect with one another and with the planet!

Shine your light and get creative!

Shine your light and get creative!

Sonny says, you humans are naturally creative creatures - it's what sets you apart from other species on this planet!

He would know. He’s been here forever!

Thing is, not too many people realize the importance of practicing creativity!

When you feel like you’re in a rut, make some time to express yourself through creativity.

Don’t put any pressure on yourself to create something AMAZING.

It’s enough to just… create something!!

Got a pen and paper? Doodle!

Head to the dollar store and pick up some paint, brushes and a canvas. Mess around with the colors.

Pick up a coloring book and some markers.

Write a poem.

Produce a short film on your iPhone.

Make something just for fun, and just for you.


It's not possible to be joyful every single day… but there are things we can do to help us get out of a funk.

From the soothing melodies of music to the calming effects of meditation, the warmth of friendship, and the boundless creativity that flows through us, you have discovered a treasure trove of tools to support your mental well-being.

Here's to a world where the sun always shines, and our spirits remain lifted, even on the cloudiest of days.

Top of the Mornin' to ya!