July 10th 2020 Update

Art by @zeddslaugh
Its been a wild week and we've been hard at work making coffee, fulfilling preorders, lining up more inventory, and, finally, we have begun shipping international shipments through our new vendor!
Shipping Update:
  • We've crossed 7,500 shipments!
  • We continue to ramp up the fulfillment help we've brought in and our shipping pace has increased quite a bit, our highest shipping volume days have been the last 3 days since we started.
  • We continue to focus on orders placed in the first 72 hours of preorder.
  • The first batch of international shipments has been processed through our new vendor!
    • This was insanely complicated. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this setup and helping us to get this option live.
  • If you live outside the US and just got a shipping confirmation, we've very eager to hear how your experience goes. Once you receive your package please DM us on twitter and tell us how your experience went.
  • Some orders are still facing delays due to supply chain delays described below. Thank you all SO MUCH for the patience you've been so generously showing us as we keep working!


Supply Chain Update:

  • Right now, we are waiting on 10,000 additional coffee bags to arrive to us in order to keep making more bagged coffee. (We've used every single one we've gotten so far.)
    • We had initially been told that the next 10,000 would arrive at the end of July. We asked the printer if they could ship us bags daily as they complete them instead of waiting until they're all done. They agreed!
    • Starting next week, the printer will send us daily shipments for whatever they completed that day until they've sent 10,000.
    • This will allow us to continue to fulfill orders with coffee bags in them at a steady pace over the next 2.5 weeks.
    • This order will get us totally caught up on bags sold.
  • Another order of 10,000 coffee bags is scheduled to arrive in late August. These bags have not been sold yet so we will actually have inventory again in August!
  • 4,032 additional cold brew bottles were released to us from our supplier and are on their way to the printer. These bottles have not yet been sold so we will be able to make more cold brew available for sale in the future. We may hold off on releasing this inventory until we are caught up on shipping so that we don't create any other delays on getting the orders out we have already accepted.
  • Another 4,032 bottles are still on back order.
  • 10,500 bottle caps arrived to us today.
  • We've traced the mug back to the exclusive importer into the US and have discovered that the mug is currently out of stock everywhere and the importer has not decided if they'll be bringing more in. You all who have ordered may actually have ordered a super rare, prelaunch only mug! We will be alerted if more come in.


Future Planning:

  • Right now, it's our 100% top priority to ship the preorders we've already received. We don't want to be promoting or doing new things while people are waiting for their orders. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can think of to get orders out the door to you as quick as we can.
  • With that in mind, we are also planning our next steps. At this point, we plan to ship the current preorders while building up a stock/inventory that will allow us to formally launch Top of the Mornin out of preorder.
  • An official launch will include subscription options for coffee, discounts, inventory, and maybe some cool secret stuff.
  • Additionally, we are looking into future product development. BIG MOVES coming. =D =D =D



  • Casey

    I recived my beans yesterday,at first they had a pleasent smell and amazing taste,but after a day,they have a somewhat foul smell and the taste is nothing like it was the day i got it,ive been storing it as instructions say to .

  • Owen

    can i get a refund. sorry i just wanted to get this for fathers day for my dad, but I didnt know it would take so long. sorry. love you jack.

  • Sarah Cutts

    Have any of the UK orders shipped yet? Order #1541. I ordered in the first few minutes but still no shipping update.

  • Order #1436

    It’s really weird to me to see that order #7044 had already received their order when mine hasn’t even shipped yet. I live in the U.S. and had submitted my order 3 minutes after launch. I had the money pulled immediately. I really hope that I will actually get the mug I ordered now that I know it may be considered “super rare”. I hope I wasn’t looked over.

  • Ian G. Crane

    Got my order and man i love coffee and I’d have to say both the cold brew and the hot are one the best coffees I’ve ever had. Definitely will be ordering more. Absolutely awesome job to all that are behind the Top of Morning Coffee. 👍

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