I literally spent 3 minutes smelling the bag and I’m not ashamed to admit that, John S

Best dirty beans you could ever get confirmed, Lift_Razor

Delicious coffee. You have officially made me a coffee drinker

I literally spent 3 minutes smelling the bag and I’m not ashamed to admit that, John S

Best dirty beans you could ever get confirmed, Lift_Razor

Delicious coffee. You have officially made me a coffee drinker

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Read This To Make Your Best Coffee Ever

Welcome to the sunniest corner of the internet!

Our mission at Top Of The Mornin' Coffee is to sprinkle a little extra sunshine into your daily cup.

So you bought a bag of absurdly good coffee, and now you want to make the best cup of joe you’ve ever tasted. 

Impossible? Maybe… for the people that won’t read this blog. 

But we’re here to help you grind and conquer everything you need to know about coffee beans.

From how to store them to how to pour them, you’ll be making the most out of your beans in no time. 

Ready? Get set, brew.


Bean there, bought that

Getting your coffee beans whole is almost as important as figuring out what kind of beans you want in the first place. Pre-ground coffee basically means you’re losing a big chunk of flavor and aroma the second you open the bag. 

But with all the options you have to choose from, things can get confusing - fast. Instead of getting analysis paralysis, check out this breakdown of all the Top Of The Mornin’ coffees:

Mornin' glory

Looking for a fruity, citrusy, and refreshing roast? This is the one you want. It’s so bright; it’s practically neon.


So bright it’s practically neon.Wakey wakey! There’s no such thing...
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Golden Hour

Want something a bit more advanced? This medium roast is mellow and sweet and has a black tea type flavor with a touch of praline.


So mellow it should be on late night radio. If...
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Another absolute unit of a medium roast, it tastes like brown sugar and molasses.

Best Seller


So mellow, yet so dark.Smooth caramel meets chocolatey richness, and...
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Midnight oil

Warning: this one is only for pros. It’s dark. It’s edgy. It’s chocolate, nuts, and toffee in a cup.

Seán's Favorite


So dark you’ll need a flashlight.Our OG coffee is a...
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Rise and grind!

Make sure you only grind the amount of coffee you’re going to drink and nothing more. Remember, as soon as beans are broken down, a clock starts ticking in terms of freshness, flavor, and smell. So, don’t over-grind.

The big question here, though, is how you actually grind your beans - the right way. 

We like using a burr grinder. Instead of chopping your beans like other blade grinders do, a burr grinder crushes them so you can dial in the perfect grind depending on how you like to brew.

The bean vault

Knowing how and where to store your coffee beans is another big lesson when it comes to making your best coffee ever. They need to be away from direct sunlight and humidity, and keeping them in your fridge is a big no-no because too much cold can mess with how they taste later on.

So, what should you even use? An airtight container is a great choice. Think ceramic canisters, glass jars with tight lids, or stainless steel canisters.


In coffee we trust

Last, but 100% not least, is choosing your brewing method. When it comes to your brew, there’s more than one thing that can influence how your coffee tastes. Other than the beans you choose, how roasted they are, how large you grind them, and how hot the water is; how you actually brew your coffee (and the gear you use) also play a big part.
Want a mild cuppa that basically makes itself? An automatic drip machine is perfect. You get convenience and consistency, so you always have a smooth and balanced brew. 
More into bold and dark? Try a French press. It’s more manual, but you also get more control which means a rich and full-bodied cup.


More coffee wisdom

Before you d(r)ip, we have a few more coffee pearls of wisdom to share with you. Keep them in mind next time you’re brewing at home.

  • Filter your water. Use filtered water to kick flavors up a notch. The perfect water-to-coffee ratio? 1:16 for a balanced cup of joe. 
  • Steam your milk. It’ll make your coffee taste better and will give it a creamy and velvety texture. Try a manual steamer (the one that looks like an electric wand) or an automatic one for a hands-off approach.
  • Add extras. Things like flavored syrups, chocolate, vanilla extract, whipped cream, and different kinds of milk are all great additions to any cup of coffee.
  • Keep it clean. Make sure you’re cleaning any build-up in your coffee maker so it doesn't make everything taste bitter when you’re using it.  


The bold, bold taste of success

Success probably never tasted this good. Or bold. Or creamy (depending on how your brew turned out).
Keep tweaking and changing things up to figure out the steps to your best cup of coffee ever. And once you get there, remember sharing is caring. 
Happy brewing!