July 2nd 2020 Update

Fanart by @PieRaccoon
New international shipping prices have gone LIVE! More Charcoal Mugs and Cold Brew bottles are LIVE!
New international shipping rates:
  • The rates are per country and will show up as "[Country Name] Standard"
  • We noticed in a couple of scenarios that the new vendor's rates were higher than we previously were getting. Hopefully this is rare. Just to be safe, we've allowed to the previous rates to still show up for now.
  • Can some of you awesome people DM us screen shots of different cart variations on Twitter so we can take a peek at how those rates are appearing for you all? <3


Fulfillment Status:

For those of you still patiently waiting for shipping confirmation of your order, thank you! We are working through the orders. Here's a bit more on where we're at:

  • We have shipped 3,532 orders.
  • Starting next week, a fulfillment company is sending employees to our warehouse on loan to greatly speed up our shipping process.
  • International orders have not yet been fulfilled because we are still finalizing the actual software to ship these orders. We expect to begin shipping international orders starting next week.
  • Some orders will take longer to fulfill due to back-ordered product, described below.



We continue to face delays from our vendors. We are doing everything we can to accelerate things for you including finding alternative vendors where we can, asking vendors to send us partial orders while they work to restock, and communicating with you all so you know where things stand.



  • Bags have become our current biggest challenge. Our bag printer has sent us only 23% of the total bags we've ordered. We just received 3,500 more bags and another 1,500 will arrive any day. However, the next batch of 10,000 bags will not arrive until late July. This means many orders will not be able to ship until then. All of those bags are already sold as part of the preorder.
  • This backlog of bags is the reason we've marked the bags sold out.
  • The next batch we'll receive will be at least 3 weeks later. Those bags are not yet sold but we do not feel comfortable selling product at this point that we won't be able to ship until late August so for now we've decided to leave the bags sold out.
  • We know this is a bummer for some of you and we REALLY appreciate everyone's patience. Those of you wishing for a refund or who need to change your delivery address can contact us at info@topofthemornincoffee.com for order adjustments.


Cold Brew Bottles:

  • We have received 9,198 printed cold brew bottles. We are pretty convinced we've bought the last bottles of our kind in the country.
  • This means we are able to release another 625 cold brew 6 packs for sale on the site.
  • Once those are sold out, they will remain sold out until we can get more bottles in.
  • We have an additional back order from 2 different vendors placed for at least 8,000 bottles however once stock is made available to us we may purchase more. This was all the vendors would allow us to reserve of their incoming shipments.



  • Our Charcoal mug orders have come in and charcoal mugs will begin shipping soon.
  • We were able to order more Charcoal (Still can't find Olive anywhere) and that has also been received so we're making 900 additional mugs available on the store for purchase.

Fun Stuff:

  • We updated our homepage with new fan art. Thanks to everyone who keeps making this stuff and giving us permission to repost it! <3


  • Micheal Repsher

    I LOVE your videos!

  • Sean

    I saw in the previous weeks update you mentioned you would update on the refund for the reduction on international shipping rates. But I didn’t see it I guess. Just wondering on that. I understand it will be processed after its shipped?

  • Amber Sutherland

    I cannot wait to try this coffee! I ordered the day the preorders were able to be filled. I have been working on completely cutting soda out of my life but I wanna hang on to my coffee for that nice caffeine boost to my day! Thank you Séan for bringing me a happy alternative that I am more than excited to wait for and try.

  • devin karpe

    Im eagerly waiting for my order I ordered shortly after the company officially launched. Im normally not a coffee drinker but I figured I would at least give it a try (plus it would be weird to only order a shirt)

  • Jillian

    I’m so excited to brew my dirty beans! 😂 I think I ordered back in May, so I can’t wait!

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