Midnight Oil Dark Roast

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The original Top of the Mornin Coffee Beans!

Whether starting your day or staying up late, Midnight Oil will fuel your journey. Dark roasted to bring out the natural nutty and chocolate tasting notes. A great all-around coffee.

Current beans:

  • Colombia single origin bean
  • Specialty Grade
12 oz. (340g)

Customer Reviews

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amazing !

i’m not a daily coffee drinker but i do love it, so i was very excited to try totm :) i got the midnight oil dark roast in full beans, and it was amazing. i use my french press and it has an amazing taste and is the perfect strength and bitterness for me! also shoutout to the aftertaste it’s the best part haha 🔥 i may be biased because i’ve been a seán fan for a while but it’s great coffee, very recommended :)

Keenan Pringle

It's such great coffee I got excited when jack released a coffee so I ordered it but I wasn't expecting it to end up being so good.

Helen McQuay
Best Coffee

Coffee came in today and after working until 5:00 this morning and a few hours of sleep waking up to this coffee on my front porch was great!! Brewed a pot and it's by far the best coffee I've ever had!! Will definitely be ordering some more!!😅

Kolby Hobson
It’s alright

In all seriousness the Coffee is good but it does have a foldgers taste to it which sucks but I might try the other ones I just don’t like spending that much for a bag of coffee when I can get one that taste just as good at a local Walmart or something but I’ll try the other ones

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A detailed review :)

Thought I’d leave a review, I finally got around to trying the beans:

I ordered a bag of Midnight Oil, pre-ground. When dry the beans smell sweet, almost like dark chocolate. I used my Keurig to make myself a cup, (in hindsight the Keurig may’ve been too harsh), tbh when brewed it smelled slightly burnt... However, a fresh cup will still smell rich and sweet if you lean in and take a whiff. I used the 10oz setting, so while it has a kick, it has the potential to be stronger had I not watered it down.
It’s coffee, but good coffee. It does not have a bitter aftertaste which is great and in my experience, hard to come across especially when making coffee at home. I like to add a drop of almond milk and caramel syrup to my coffee; safe to say adding extras will not dull the flavor of the beans (unless you like to add like, a LOT of stuff to your coffee).

In conclusion, I really have no complaints. 10/10, money well spent :)